Many machine designs have evolved over the years to include more features or exclude poor performance by changing hardware design. RPM looks at these changes made by the original manufacturer as well as other improvements designed by RPM or others that can improve performance and be retrofitted onto these late model machines. RPM can bring your press up to date or provide you with a rebuilt machine with enhanced performance capabilities. Machine upgrades can be made in either the nuts and bolts areas of the machine design that allow the machine to perform better, faster, longer or by the addition of features that may have not been available at the time the machine was originally manufactured.

The RPM/Rebuilt Difference
Unlike many of our competitors who broker equipment they never personally see to evaluate, at RPM all of the machines we represent are located at our factory (unless otherwise specified) and can be viewed and printed on if requested. This hands-on approach to selling allows everyone to be comfortable with what is being represented and provides the customer with a true understanding of each machines level of condition and performance.